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10 Best Window Air Conditioners Consumer Reports – Reviews & Buying Guide

As the temperature soars, the demand for air conditioners picks up too. At times, it is not possible to sit under the fan because it is just too hot and a normal ceiling fan can’t handle that much heat. An air conditioner is the best bet to beat the heat in sizzling weather conditions.

If you find yourself with a conundrum as to what type of AC to buy, then you should start with the most affordable types, which are Windows ACs. In case, you are looking for an air conditioner and heater combo, then you should buy the best mini split, which offers cooling in summers and heat in winters.

To help you with your quest for the best Window Air Conditioners consumer reports, we have laid out reviews of 10 top-rated products along with a buying guide, so go through the info and you will definitely find yourself in a better position in terms of buying the right Windows AC.

10 Best Window Air Conditioners Reviews


MIDEA MAW08R1BWT Window Air Conditioner

Midea Window Air Conditioner is a hot-selling product right now because of its incredible quality, top-class features and it’s availability in 4 sizes. You can buy a 6,000 BTU, 8,000 BTU, 10,000 BTU, and 12,000 BTU model depending upon your requirements. The air conditioner features three modes, which are, Cool, Drying and Fan, so you can select the mode according to the weather conditions.

The AC comes with a wide range of features such as multiple sleep modes, energy saver mode, dirty filter notification, and programmable timer. A fully functioning remote control accompanies the AC to allow you to control it from anywhere across the room. The overall feel about the product is very positive and therefore, you should definitely consider it.

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LG LW6017R Energy Star Window Air Conditioner

LG products are known for their quality construction and long-lasting performance, and this product is no different. Despite being a Windows AC, you will be amazed to see how sleek the design of this air conditioner is, and then, its incredible performance is like icing on the cake. A perfect cooling machine for rooms with an area of 260 sq. ft.

This AC doesn’t just cool the room, but also regulates the humidity so that you get the most comfortable environment to relax. With three different fan speeds combined with energy-saving mode, this is a perfect weapon to beat the heat this summer and many upcoming ones. If you don’t have much knowledge about the air conditioners, then it’s better to play safe and go with a trusted brand like LG.

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Frigidaire FFRA051WAE Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

One of the most popular and reliable air conditioners available on the market, Frigidaire Mini-compact air conditioner is apt in cooling a 150 sq. ft., room in the quickest of times. Moreover, it has an energy output of 5,000 BTUs, which will keep your room cool even in sultry weather. If you are buying this product, then it will bring a sense of satisfaction in terms of cooling experience and durability. This company is known for manufacturing quality products.

The air conditioners feature mechanical rotary controls along with 2-way air direction control to deliver cool air in all directions. The AC doesn’t consume too much power on start-up and also operates noise-free to help you enjoy a sound sleep on your comfortable mattress for back pain. Another great feature of this unit is that it resumes operating with the previous settings after a power outage.

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TOSOT 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a Window AC with 8,000 BTU energy output, then this AC from TOSOT is probably your best option. It is packed with amazing features, including remote temperature sensing and smart compressor system. The compressor will continue to work until the thermostat in the remote gets to the desired temperature. As a result, your room will get cooler quickly and stay that way for long.

You should keep the remote close to you to enjoy the maximum coolness. This AC also features multiple modes such as Cool, Dry, and Fan-Only. Then, there is a sleep mode, which raises the temperature a few degrees in the middle of the night and reduces it again towards morning. Three fan speeds allow you to select the one you are most comfortable with.

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hOmelabs Remote Control Window Air Conditioner

With Digital Thermostat

Another powerful and Energy-star certified AC unit perfect for room up to 350 Square feet. This particular AC comes in various models, so for rooms larger than 350 sq. ft., you can select a different model with more BTUs. This AC features multiple modes for you to choose from, like Sleep mode, dry, fan, and Eco mode. The reusable slide-out filter can be washed with water and reinstalled once dried. The indoor unit is so compact and sleek that you will go crazy seeing it for the first time.

You will get complete installation accessories in this AC box such as screws, locks, and other mounting accessories. Apart from that, you will get a multi-functional remote to control the temperature, turn on the timer, and enable eco mode for energy-efficient cooling. The eco mode will auto shut the compressor once the temperature in the room reached the set temperature and turn it on again when the room temperature rises.

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Della 048-TL-WAC6K Window Air conditioner

This window air conditioner is available in 6 different models that vary from one another in terms of BTUs. The basic AC comes with 6,000 BTU and has a cooling capacity of around 250 Sq. ft. If your room is larger than 250 Sq. ft., then you can consider a model with higher BTU. The maximum heat removing capacity available in this window Air conditioner is 18,000 BTU. Along with the AC, you will get an installation kit, which makes the installation of this AC a breeze.

Fan speed is adjustable according to your preference. If you want to quickly cool your room, then you can increase the speed of the fan. To control the features and functions, there is push-button remote included in the package. If you are searching for a compact, reliable, and cost-effective AC, then this is perhaps the best option available to you.

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Keystone KSTA10B Window Air Conditioner

Keystone is a renowned brand whose products are sold worldwide. People find this product worth buying, as the products from this company are reliable and trustworthy. This AC has an energy output of 10,000 BTU, which helps cool down the room faster than any other air conditioner that falls under the same category.

If you are searching for capable AC, which can offer fast cooling in your room, then Keystone window AC is your best option. Apart from cooling, this machine is also best for dehumidification at a constant rate of 2.3 pints per hour.

Coming to the modes, then this AC has a handful of those such as, sleep mode, sleep timer, and energy-saving mode. You can control all these functions from its remote controller featuring an LCD. Furthermore, there are some exceptional features available in this AC, which include controllable fan speed, 2-way airflow, auto restart, and rotary compressor type. The only drawback is the design of the drainage system, which is not up to the mark.

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Frigidaire FFRA 2822 230V Window Heavy-Duty Air conditioner

Check out this incredible window AC, which can cover an area of around 350 sq. ft. The AC doesn’t just cool the room, but it dehumidifies as well, at the rate of 1.7 pints per hour. Just connect the power cord into the 115-volt electrical outlet and enjoy cool air instantly. This is an 8,000 BTU product, which is a perfect appliance to keep you cool and dry during hot summer days. Just like its sibling, this AC too resumes operating with the previous settings after a power outage, so you don’t have to do the right settings all over again.

This AC will be light on your pocket, thanks to its low energy consumption at start-up. A washable mesh filter accompanies the AC, which can be accessed from the front of the unit. This filter keeps away bacteria, room odors, and many airborne particles to keep the surroundings safe and healthy. The remote control is given along the unit to help you change the temperature, mode, timer, and other settings from across the room.

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Koldfront WAC12001W Window Air Conditioner

With Heater And Remote

This is a perfect machine with 12,000 BTU of energy output, so you can expect it to cool or heat an area of around 550 sq. ft., with ease. The AC operates on 12,000 BTU when it comes to cooling, but the energy output reduces to 11,000 BTU for heating. The inclusion of an electronic thermostat in the unit along with a front panel makes it easier to change the temperature or other features like energy-saving mode, sleep mode, and more. You will also see a light on the front panel reminding you of the dirty filter so that you can clean it.

If you want to keep your room dry, then a humidifier is incorporated into this model along with a 3-speed fan motor that lets you control airflow. The sleep function is another useful feature of this model that will adjust the temperature every six hours. This machine is bound to surpass your expectations, courtesy of its amazing features, and top-notch performance.

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Amana AMAP151BW 115V Window AC

With Remote Control

This unit is available in 3 different models, with each having different BTU ratings. The one we are discussing is a 15,000 BTU Window AC, which can quickly cool a room with an area up to 700 sq. ft. The AC is equipped with many useful features such as, sleep mode, eco mode, and 3-speed motor, which make this product convenient and efficient even for non-tech users.

The programmable timer soothes you by offering immediate comfort when you step into your house. This is possible due to the customizable cooling time that you can schedule at your convenience. The maintenance is quite easy, as you just need to remove the air filter, wash it with water and then, putting back in its position. The only drawback of this product is that you may hear crackling noises during its normal functioning, otherwise, this is value for money product.

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Working Of A Window Air Conditioner

Assumed as a smooth form of air conditioning system, the functioning of Windows AC is a bit sophisticated and complex. All the parts are installed inside the aluminum frame that easily fits into the window of your home.

There is one powerful motor installed within the cabinet, which links to the two fans fitted on either side of the AC. One is used for evaporation and another one for condensation. The evaporator is located on the room side and the condenser is placed just opposite to it to let the hot air go out. If we talk of its front panel, you will find completely adjustable louvers.

The vent is available on the panel of air conditioner that lets the fresh air to come in. The electronic vent is expensive than the mechanical one. Adjacent to vent, there is thermostat attached to the evaporator for controlling the compressor and maintaining the temperature in the room.

When the temperature in the room is reached at the desired level, the compressor automatically shuts and the blower keeps in running condition to suck the hot air from the room. As soon as the temperature exceeds beyond the set limit, compressor auto-restart and start discharging the cool and humidified air into the room to have sound sleep.

The fresh air enters into the room, reverence of damper. The fresh air mixes with the return air before its transfer to the cooling coil and air filter. The purpose of the air filter is to keep the air free from bacteria or dust so that heat can travel easily through it. The cooling coil is placed at the anterior of the evaporator.

That is why it is suggested to clean the air filter every 2 weeks because the whole efficiency and cooling of the air conditioner depends on the condition of the air filter. Some air conditioners can also keep the room warm in winters. This option is made available with the help of an inbuilt heat-pump that spreads the air thoroughly in the refrigerant and reverses the flow of cool air.

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Advantages Of Window Air Conditioner

Window Air conditioners are more beneficial than Split AC. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of using windows AC:

Price: The price of window AC is comparatively less than that of split AC. So, if you have no issue in compromising with the window on which the AC is going to install, then you can stay cool inside your house at a very economical price.

Energy saver: In terms of energy efficiency, the power consumption of windows AC is almost 1 unit per hour whereas if you install Split AC, then it may consume more than 2 units per hour depending upon the EER rating.

Installation: Window Air conditioners are simple and easy to install as compared to mini Split AC or centralized systems. There is no need to drill holes in your tempting walls with wallpapers pasted on it. You can get this AC installed from any service and repair expert.

Durability: As far as the average age of window AC is concerned, it is more than that of Split Air conditioner as the window AC once fixed doesn’t need uninstallation again and again, but in case of Split AC, you need to disassemble the inlet and outlet pipes every time for its service and may require refilling of the hydrant.

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As the summer season peaks, you should be quick with your decision-making process, or else, you may have to experience delays due to the unavailability of the units or price-rise. We have already provided you with the list of 10 best window air conditioner consumer reports, so there can’t be an easier way to finalize a product. Just pick one product from the list and buy it at the best rate.

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