Best Air Fryer Consumer Reports – Reviews Of Top 10 Air Fryers

Best Air Fryer Consumer Reports

Nothing beats the taste of fried chicken and French fries, but the only bad thing about these delicacies is that they are deep-fried, which is not good for your cardiovascular health. If you want to eat all these crispy and juicy delights without consuming oil, then you need to buy an air fryer.

An air fryer uses special technology where the food is cooked with hot air instead of oil. As a result, you eat healthy food but without the harmful oil. If you are interested in buying an air fryer, then all you need to do is check out the reviews of the 10 best air fryer consumer reports. These reviews will catapult you to a spot where the only thing left for you to do is buy this amazing kitchen appliance.

Reviewing 10 Best Air Fryers Consumer Reports
1. Instant Pot Air Fryer + EPC Combo 8QT Electronic Pressure Cooker

This is among the top-selling air fryers on the market. Instant Pot Air Fryer + EPC Combo is a product that you should be buying because it works as an air fryer as well as a pressure cooker. Stainless steel inner pot can easily prepare food for up to 8 people. The appliance features two removable lids, which are easy to place and remove. Equipped with 11 cooking programs, you can select the program of your choice with a single touch of a button.

11 cooking program includes slow cook, pressure cook, air fry, bake, roast, broil, sauté, steam, warm, sous vides, and dehydrate. At the end of cooking, you will relish tender and juicy meals with a crisp, golden finish. If you want to use this appliance like an air fryer, then you will love the fact that it has got a multi-level air fryer basket with a specially-designed broiling and dehydrating tray, which ensures proper airflow. Then, there is ‘EvenCrisp’ technology present in the unit, which makes the food crunchy on the outside and tender inside.

The company has provided a protective pad with the unit for easy countertop usage and storage. For safety, the unit incorporates more than 10 safety features such as temperature and pressure control and overheat protection. You will also like the presence of ‘EasySeal lid’, which automatically seals when you are about to pressure cook the food. The steam can also be released from a distance, thanks to the pressure release button. When you are done preparing the food, you can easily wash the cookware in a dishwasher.

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2. Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure Slow Cooker & Air Fryer OP301

The list is getting better and better, as we review Ninja Foodi, which is a 9-in-1 appliance, which works like an air fryer, pressure cooker, and tender crisper. It features ‘TenderCrisp’ technology, which is the secret behind golden brown finish with the crispiness of meals. When you air fry in this appliance, you are actually cooking food with 75% less fat than traditional frying methods.

Even the pressure-cooking in this unit is better, as it cooks the food 70% faster than traditional cooking methods. The cooking pot is coated with a thick layer of ceramic and is topped with a non-stick coating, which doesn’t let the food stuck on the surface, hence make cleaning a breeze. The capacity of the pot is 6.5 quart, which is enough to prepare a meal for 4-6 people.

The company provides a cook and crisp basket in the package, which has a capacity of 4 quarts, thus allowing you to prepare 3 lbs of French fries of 5 lbs of chicken easily. The unit features 14 safety levels, which allow you to cook with confidence. You can even cook frozen food in this air fryer by selecting the cooking method of your choice.

3. COSORI Electric Air Fryer Oven & Oilless Cooker CP158-AF

The first thing that you will notice in this product is its intuitive display and angled design, which make the unit easy to use. The air fryer sports a compact size, which allows it to fit on the kitchen’s countertop. When using the air fryer mode, the appliance cooks food with 85% less than the traditional method of cooking. Moreover, the taste and flavors of the food remain the same. The unit also boasts a 5.8-quart non-stick basket, which can easily accommodate a 5-pound chicken.

You can choose from 11 preset options, which include vegetables, bread, French fries, frozen foods, bacon, shrimp, seafood, poultry, steak, root vegetables, and desserts. You can choose the preset with a single touch on the display. The appliance also allows you to set your own temperature and cooking time, which adds to the convenience. Cooking time in this air fryer is much faster compared to a conventional oven, and you will also get to enjoy crispier and tastier meals. The non-stick basket that comes along with the unit is dishwasher safe, hence making clean-up quick and easy.

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4. Ninja Air Fryer AF101

Ninja Air fryer will suit you the best if you want to prepare French fries, fried chicken, and many other delicacies without using oil. The heat circulation feature of this product helps in making the food crispy and ensures a golden finish. You can cook food at different temperature range and that too without using much oil.

If you want, you can air fry, roast, dehydrate and reheat the meals easily. It features a basket composed of a non-stick material along with PTFE and PFOA free ceramic coating. Regardless of the type of food you are cooking, it will not stick on the surface due to the superior coating. It has a single-touch LED control panel engrossed on the front, which lets you control the overall functioning of this device. As far as cleaning is concerned, you can simply throw the unit into your dishwasher, since it is dishwasher safe.

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5. OMORC Fast large Air Fryer CP122A

This OMORC Air Fryer is a Brilliant device that cooks numerous meals. This fryer uses 85% less oil to cook food, without compromising the taste. The compact design of this product allows easy storage, even in confined spaces. This fryer can easily serve food for up to 8 people and its square design allows much more space for food as compared to other fryers. Its basket prevents the food from sticking as it is coated with nonstick material. For small house gatherings, this fryer is very suitable, as it prepares quality food in large quantities. This fryer is easy to clean, thanks to its non-stick basket and it’s dishwasher safe as well.

This air fryer comes with a knob and touchscreen, which makes cooking a breeze. This motive behind having knobs instead of buttons is that the knobs are less prone to damage. Talking about its speed, this fryer can cook numerous snacks in no time. Also, the company provides a free recipe guide to help you learn and cook various dishes. A highly reliable customer care service complements this incredible unit, which is always ready to assist you with any problem befalling this product.

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6. Philips Starfish Technology XL Airfryer HD9240/94

Philips Starfish Technology XL Air fryer is another magnificent product that comes with a digital interface. It has a special preset button feature that recollects your settings and helps later cooking your desired foods. It has an advanced Air Mechanization, which flow air outwards with high speed to prevent overheating. The food can be fried with less oil, and besides air frying, you can grill, roast, and can bake in this product as well.

The grill feature of this air fryer works great, but if you are serious about grill, then it will be better if you buy the best gas grill. This lightweight fryer is big enough to serve food for up to 4 individuals at a time. You can cook food according to your preference using the digital touchscreen interface, which speeds up the cooking process. The air fryer comes with a non-stick drawer and food basket, which makes cooking a lot easier. The non-stick coating makes cleaning less daunting, as you can easily clean them in a dishwasher.

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7. Simple Living-AFD2-5L Air Fryer

SL-AFD2-5L Air Fryer emanates elegance, which will enhance the looks of your kitchen. Made in California with top quality material, this appliance can replace several cooking gadgets that you have been using. The beautiful design of this product is complemented by incredible features, which make cooking fun.

Sporting a capacity of 5.8-quart, you can easily prepare food for up to 8-10 people. This air fryer carries more food than other air fryers as it features a square basket instead of a round basket that most air fryers have. All the parts of this air fryer are dishwasher safe. Coming back to cooking, then, you will have to use 80% less oil while preparing food in this air fryer, which makes food healthier. Moreover, there won’t be any compromise in the flavors of the food, as you get to enjoy the same crispiness and tenderness in the meals you prepare in it.

The appliance has 8 presets, which you can activate with a single touch of a button. Also, this product comes with an automatic shut off function, which saves electricity and prevents the food from being overcooked. This product offers a wide temperature range, which begins from 170 degrees Fahrenheit and goes all the way to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, there is a timer of 60 minutes, which prevents you from babysitting the food.

You can prepare a wide variety of meals in this air fryer, which include French fries, vegetables, cake, bread, desserts, and more. The company of this appliance provides a 1-year warranty along with remarkable customer care service.

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8. Chefman Turbofry 3.5 Liter/3.6 Quart Air Fryer

Chefman TurboFry 3.6-quart air fryer oven is another top-shelf product because of its competitive pricing and useful features. The air fryer prepares food with 98% less fat compared to traditional deep-frying methods, which in turn has a positive effect on your health. This air fryer will not disappoint you even when it comes to leftovers and frozen foods.

This product comes with a digital panel, where you can set the desire temperature range to cook any food, be it frozen veggies, mozzarella sticks, chicken, or French fries. The round and compact look with matte black finish adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen. It comes with an automatic shut off feature, which prevents food from burning and it even saves electricity.

While cleaning, use a soft sponge and refrain from placing it under the tap, as that can harm the appliance. The air fryer features a 3.5-liter removable basket. This product is built to last, thanks to the use of quality materials. The product comes with a 1-year warranty, just in case anything goes wrong with it.

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9. Ultrean Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven HF-8018LCD-C-G

This Ultrean air fryer is one of the best-selling fryers, which comes in a variety of colors. This is a highly versatile unit, which can perform multiple functions at a time. The food is prepared with lesser oil, but without compromising the taste. Its unique heating system allows you to grill, roast, and bake any favorite dish to perfection and that too, without using any thermometer. It has an auto-off switch than can set the cooking time up to 30 minutes.

The air fryer sports a non-stick material, which makes cleaning a breeze, and it also comes with cool-touch handles. You can easily wash the detachable basket, once you’re done with cooking. A wide LCD on this air fryer informs you about the status of the meal along with the temperature it is being cooked at. When you are done cooking your favorite meals, you can quickly clean it in your dishwasher.

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10. Secura Air Fryer TXG-DS12A With Oil-Free Nonstick Cooker

Secura provides smart and economical air fryers with all the basic functionalities that you usually expect, and this model is no different. You can manually adjust the temperature in this air fryer. The inclusion of auto-turn off feature after 60 minutes adds a lot of convenience. The machine will even turn off once the meal is fully cooked.

The appliance lacks an LCD touch panel, but then, the time and temperature can be easily set from the respective buttons given on the top of the device. The external unit will remain cool even when the food is getting cooked inside. This fryer comes with BBQ rack and skewers, which enhance its functionality.

The appliance supports additional accessories like cake pans and shallow pans for making cakes. The air fryer features a 3.2-liter basket, which prepares food for a family of four. If you want to cook anything special for a family gathering, then you can go with 5.3 quarts. You can easily place this product on the kitchen counter.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 best air fryer consumer reports. These reviews have helped many users buy the most suitable air fryer for their family, so you too can take benefit of these reviews and pick the right product, which suits your requirements the best. With an air fryer in your kitchen, you will be able to prepare your favorite delicacies with 85% less fat. So, you must buy the best air fryer to ensure the health and wellbeing of your family while feeding them lip-smacking delights.

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