Best Home Gym Consumer Reports – Reviewing 10 Best Overall Exercise Equipment

best home gym consumer reports

COVID 19 has jolted the entire world. Millions are infected with this deadly virus and hundreds and thousands have succumbed to it. There is no denying that this virus has ruined the lives of many, yet a significant population is safe and trying to live their lives in the shadows of this unknown peril. But, there is no other option but to stay inside the house and try to carry out as many tasks as possible within the confinements of your house, which is difficult but not impossible.

Many people are not able to keep up with their fitness levels because of the inability to go to the gym. If you are dealing with the same problem, then did you know you could bring the gym to your house? If not, then you better look at the best home gym consumer reports, comprising of 10 best home gyms on the market today.

Reviews Of 10 Best Home Gyms
1. Bowflex Home Gym Series

There is nothing better than working out in the comfort of your own house, and this home gym from Bowflex makes sure of that in the most suitable way. It allows you to perform more than 60 exercises, thus allowing a full-body workout. In this home gym, you will get a 210 lbs power rod resistance, which can be upgraded to 310 or 410 lbs. If you like to do aerobic rowing and leg presses, then this home gym allows you to do so, thanks to the inclusion of a sliding seat rail.

The company has also included 7 free trainer built workout regimens to encourage you to indulge in different workout sessions. The ability to place the cable or pulley in different positions allows you to perform different workouts. A squat bar, lat bar, triple function handgrip are also included in the package. The unit features wheels at the bottom along with a folding bench for easy storage.

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2. BodyBoss 2.0 - Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package + Resistance Bands

BodyBoss 2.0 is a specially designed home gym, which stimulates all the bulky machines and equipment that you see at the gym. The best thing about this home gym is that you can take it anywhere. With the ability to carry out an excellent upper body and lower body workout, you can achieve a complete body workout. Besides working out your upper and lower body, the home gym lets you perform cardio resistance boxing workout as well. If you develop any pain after a workout, then, you can buy the best back and neck massager consumer reports.

When it comes to versatility, nothing is going to beat this home gym for sure. You can easily attach the cloth-covered resistance bands to the fold-up platform followed by the handles, wrist/ankle straps, or the collapsible workout bar. As a result, you get the option of performing more than 300 exercises. You can easily increase or decrease the exercise difficulty using the fold-up platform.

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3. Total Gym XLS – Universal Home Gym

This universal home gym will provide a complete solution to your unhealthy body or physique. This easy to move the gym allows you to perform several exercises important for all muscles of your body. This is a one-stop solution for the entire family as there are different tools like wing attachments, leg pull accessory, and cable-pulley system available in it.

If you buy this machine, you will get a diet chart and exercise guide along in which more than 80 exercises which you can perform through this machine are given. Apart from this, the company is also providing a workout DVD, which you can play on any media player to get an idea about the exact way of doing any exercise.

The maximum weight carrying capacity of this home gym is 400 lbs. and includes a new pulley and cable system, improved squat, and padding that is sufficient to set the standard for fitness excellence. Once done with exercising, you can fold and store it in any corner.

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4. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Multi-Station Selectorized Gym For Light Commercial And Home Gym

Get this multi-station selectorized gym, which lets you enjoy a comprehensive workout without leaving your house. You can receive complete body strength-building exercises. You can expect commercial quality strength training for up to three individuals simultaneously in this home gym.

There are 7 work stations in this fitness equipment, which include a low pulley station, leg extension, abs crunch, lat pulldown, pec station, leg press, and multi-press station. This powerful home gym features a dual 210 lbs alloy weight stacks to let you work out the way you want.

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5. Marcy Olympic Weight Bench

Attaining a proper body shape requires discipline, hard work, and exercising equipment. You can get the same benefits that you would have got after working out at the gym in this new Olympic weight bench by Marcy. Curated to provide the utmost convenience and functionality, you can do exercises with this fitness gear from the comfort of your home. This gym is comprised of rugged steel, vinyl, and high-density foam with a heavy-duty tube frame that ensures its durability.

You can use this product as much as you want without any worry of damage with intense use. The four back pad positions with adjustable arm curl support pad and curl bar leave no under-worked muscle groups to chance and you can perform arm exercises simply and effectively. If you love performing squats, then two bar catches on the rear frame are provided in this machine. Gain a stronger and muscular body without paying a gym membership with this Marcy Olympic weight bench from the comfort of your home.

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6. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine

This is a complete body-training home gym comprising of a heavy-duty steel frame with powder coating finish and aircraft cable having a tensile strength of 2000 lb. In this machine, you will get multi-functional arms designed for performing exercises of chest and arm. In addition to this, you can develop pectorals, triceps, and other muscle groups with the same press arms. Like other home gyms, you will get a dual-action leg developer with 6 rocker pads and a curl bar to offer comfort and support to the lower half of the body while performing workouts.

There is a pivot point added to offer proper body shape and strength on targeted muscle groups. Get involved in weightlifting and strength training from the comfort of your home with the Olympic free-weight rack with 6 weight plate pegs included. So, I can say this is an innovative workout station for complete body training, restricting the need to switch between different equipment.

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7. Marcy MWM-988 Multifunction Steel Home Gym

Get a complete body workout without even sacrificing the comforts of home with this Marcy MWM 988 steel home gym, which is packed-up with several features to help you maintain the shape of your body. Made with a heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tube frame, this gear has a capacity of 150 pounds and that too in constant motion. Though this gym comes unassembled, you can easily assemble using the instructions given in the manual.

Coming to the parts of this machine, you will get a dual-function press arm, adjustable preacher, leg developer, and station and butterfly attachment. You can make use of any of this part to target any particular muscle groups of your body. The lat bar can help to strengthen the shoulder, check, and back.

If you like to do workouts for the bicep, then there is a dedicated adjustable preacher curl pad for this purpose. You can perform exercises using the dumbbell and weights by sitting comfortably without putting strain or stress on the body. All the points and stations of this machine made for the upper and lower half of the body are covered with contour foam roller pads to add extra comfort and grip during sweating.

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8. Marcy 150-lb Multifunctional Home Gym

Get around 30 muscle training exercises with this 150 lbs., multifunction home gym by Marcy. Burn your calories and increase muscle strength effectively using the dual function leg developer and press arms for chest and leg curls. There are available multi-position high and low pulleys for complete body workouts that don’t require to load and unload any weight plates with adjustable weight stacking options. Tone up your abs and triceps with an adjustable preacher curl pad.

Simply insert the pin to adjust the dual action press arms and perform butterfly exercises for pectorals and other muscles. This whole machine is constructed with heavy-duty steel and guard rods that can hold weight without actually moving the machine from its place. This gear comes with high-density upholstery to reduce the impact and tension. You can even remove or adjust the preacher curl bicep pad to perform a bicep workout.

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9. Gold's Gym XRS 50 Home Gym

Gold’s Gym is one of the leading names when it comes to exercise equipment. It features a four-post cage to ensure proper safety and strength. You can adjust the weight bench according to your requirement to perform multiple exercises. A cable and pulley system along with a smith bar is employed that is intended for multiple muscle groups. Set your forearms and biceps apart with rolled preacher pad.

To attain full body work out, a 6 rolled leg developer is also included in this machine. The material used in the frame is made up of welded steel with heavy cables and pulleys to have higher longevity and as far as comfort is concerned, this gym uses industrial-strength high-density foam.

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10. Marcy Smith Cage Machine

Marcy Smith cage machine is all in one gym equipment characterizing a gamut of fitness exercises to tone and strengthen major muscle groups. It is a blend of a pull-up bar, leg developer, and smith machine and cable crossovers. Revamp the upper half of your body with press bar and crossover and the lower half with the leg developer.

If you want a workout for chest and shoulder, then you can use the steel aircraft cable system and cross pulleys of this multi-functional machine. As far as the legs and thighs training, we know a total leg developer along with pulley can target the lower half of the body effectively. You can adjust the height or position of the padded seat according to different workouts. Similarly, you can position a smith-style press bar as per your convenience and requirement. There is a set of four storage posts to make it easy for you to place weighing plates after use.

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Final Verdict

Fitness is a non-negotiable thing for many, even in the times of the Coronavirus pandemic. If you too belong to the same category of people, then you should definitely buy the best home gym consumer reports. If you have chosen the most suitable product according to your requirements, then you shouldn’t wait for any more, but instead, buy a home gym today to get back the same fitness level you had before the lockdown happened.

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