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Best Toilet Paper Consumer Reports – Reviews Of 10 Paper Towels

Keeping yourself clean and germ-free is paramount because of the prevalence of bacterial and virus infections. When you don’t clean yourself properly after using the toilet, then you are basically allowing bacteria and viruses to enter your body and cause severe health issues. If you too are worried about your hygiene, then you must get yourself a reliable toilet paper. If you want to buy toilet paper online, then we can help you with that through our accurate reviews of 10 best toilet paper consumer reports. Have a go at the reviews and make your decision.

Bounty Quick Size paper towels


Bounty Quick Size Paper Towels

This product is coming with 16 family rolls that are equivalent to 40 regular rolls. If you are anxious about value-added toilet paper, then nothing can be better than Bounty Quick-size paper towels. It carries out essential jobs with the least wastage. With ridiculous absorbent capabilities and numerous advantages over the traces and other things that demand cleaning.

An approx. 23ml of liquid can be wiped off with a single paper towel sheet. This shows it’s amazing liquid-absorbing capacity. Even the large volume liquid can be absorbed quickly with this towel. The only that it lacks behind is the material. Some people find it a bit rough, which is perhaps due to extra sensitive skin.

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Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper

When we talk about toilet paper, then are certain conditions that it must satisfy like it must be soft, skin-friendly and absorbent. All these qualities you will find in the Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet paper. This is an economical toilet paper and carries out its job in a much powerful manner. An additional third ply in this toilet paper makes it more porous. When you are need of toilet paper, then this paper roll will best suit you.

Being sterilized, you don’t need to worry about disintegrating it. If there are kids at home who spin around the roll too much, the worry of bathroom pipes get clogged can be averted due to its material. If you want to sponge your bum with soft material, then you must try Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet paper.

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Amazon Brand Presto 308 Sheet Mega Roll Toilet Paper

Though this toilet paper looks similar to other papers, but believe us, it is extra-ordinary. The use of special pulp obtained from managed forests and controlled sources made this toilet paper exemplary for an individual. 24 mega rolls are having 308 2-ply sheets that can easily absorb the ample amount of liquid. You can even wipe off your baby’s bum enjoying in the best baby swing without letting him/her notice at all.

Another exciting feature of this paper is strength and density that helps it to last up to 4 times than longer rolls. The septic safe feature makes this toilet paper, a toilet friendly. You don’t need to worry about blocked bowls in your washroom. There is no major drawback reported by any user so far. However, the paper is a bit hard and harsh for first-time users.

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Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is uniquely and wholly designed by Amazon. The company has used sustainably sources trees to make pulp for its manufacturing. This makes the paper, septic-free. As we know, it is a 2-ply paper, so the water retention capacity is also twice as that of the normal toilet paper. You can use it anywhere without any hesitation.

This is an environment-friendly paper that won’t block toilet bowl and sewer systems that in turn help in sustaining the environment. This toilet paper is expensive but nothing compromised in terms of quality. The only shortcoming of this product is its availability. You can buy this toilet paper online only..

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Georgia Pacific Envision 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper

Georgia 2-Ply toilet paper is made with 100% recyclable material and that too has been certified by various certification authorities. Though it is not that soft but it isn’t harsh enough to hurt you. The pad infused in this toilet paper made it comfortable for your backside. If you have sensitive skin, then you will feel reluctant to use it but in case of normal skin, this toilet paper goes fine.

In a family of up to 4 members, there isn’t any need to buy a pack of toilet paper for the next one to two months if you already purchased one because there is an 80 roll pack that can go for several months. Each roll is packed in separate packing which many people find appropriate. Just like the toilet paper we have discussed so far, this paper is also septic-free, so there is no need to worry after throwing it into the toilet bowl. The stumbling block of this product is; discomfort to the people having sensitive skin.

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Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Paper towels

This paper towel is a crowd-puller, 1000 feet rolls which can easily clean your family butts for months. In a normal packing, you will get 6 rolls each of 1000 feet. If you are using the Kimberly Clark Professional hard roll toilet paper dispenser for long, then you will surely feel inclined for Scott Essential High capacity Paper Towels as these papers are getting good along with those dispensers. Apart from this, Scott Professional papers are also compatible with another brand of dispensers.

Problems that users come across with the folded paper towel is the maintenance and run-out, surprisingly, this problem will not find in Scott Essential High Capacity Paper towels. Due to its high absorbance nature, the wastage is negligible and fewer paper towels are used at a time.

The most commendable feature of this paper towels is that it can be used for commercial setups even, being easy to store and handle. The paper towels also adhere to EPA minimum standards.

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Seventh Generation Paper Towels

If you are searching for a nature-friendly paper towel, then go for Seventh Generation Paper Towels prepared with super quality material owing to which these are durable and absorbent. You will be surprised after learning how this comfortable and effective paper towel is manufactured with recycled paper. There are no inks/dyes, fragrance or chlorine present in these toilet papers that makes it easy to compost rather than throwing away.

If you have sensitive skin, then go for the best bath towel and toilet paper, else rashes or discomfort may be noticed. The company has given its best to make this product safe and convenient for humans. The same has been tested and verified on the animals as well with no drawbacks reported. When you place an order, you will get six big rolls.

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Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels

Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels aren’t like normal towels, but these are designed to avoid wastage. Unlike other paper towels, this one comes with a tearing option that allows you to tear the minimum amount of paper towel to avoid wastage. You can tear one sheet into half and then, further into a quarter portion to keep using it for a longer period. The paper towel sports a unique design, which in combination with ply that makes the paper towel absorbent.

With this paper towel, you don’t have to worry about spillages and other messes. Another notable feature of this paper towel is the fact that it is very durable because it firmly holds all the liquids to give you ample time to dispose of the towel in the right place. You can get around any market, but you won’t find a paper towel as good as this one.

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Scott Essential Professional Bulk Toilet Paper

Take a look at this toilet paper, which comprises of 80 rolls that have 500+ sheets. A white-colored toilet paper, you can buy it for the bathroom of any color and design. This product comes with a combination of ply, which further adds to the durability and absorbability of the toilet paper.

The company has used 100% recycled fiber in the manufacturing of this product, thus making it an eco-friendly option. FSC and EcoLogo have certified the toilet paper, plus it also meets EPA minimum standards. You should definitely consider this product because it is reliable as well as affordable.

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Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper

Charmin Ultra Gentle Toilet Paper comprises of four regular rolls, so buying this product means you don’t have to worry about the toilet paper stock for a long time. Another top feature of this toilet paper is its ability to offer cleanliness without causing irritation to your skin. Many customers compare the softness of this toilet paper to that of the cotton pad.

This toilet paper constitutes 36 rolls with each roll having 286 sheets, so if you want to go for the nature call, then this toilet paper will make it more enjoyable. Some of the top dermatologists have analyzed the toilet paper, which reaffirms the reliability of the toilet paper.

Wrap Up

Toilet papers have become one of the most crucial elements when it comes to ensuring your hygiene. But, when buying the best toilet paper consumer reports, it is important to check if the toilet paper is soft and durable. All 10 products in the reviews above are made with quality materials and will serve the purpose in the most effective manner. So, identify the right toilet paper and purchase it.

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