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Best Vacuum Consumer Reports – 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Nothing beats a vacuum cleaner when it comes to fast and reliable cleaning of the house. With the advancement in technology, you no longer have to indulge in the vicious cycle of mopping the floors, dusting windows, cleaning carpets, and upholstery. Just get yourself the best vacuum consumer reports and your life will become simpler. The consumer reports best vacuum cleaner consists of 10 most incredible products that are currently being sold in the market like hotcakes.

10 Best Vacuum Reviews Consumer Reports


eufy Anker BoostIQ RoboVac AK-T2108111

The purpose of buying a vacuum cleaner is to ensure the cleanliness of the house without putting in any effort, and eufy Anker BoostIQ RoboVac does exactly that. The robot vacuum works excellently for hardwood floors. The unit boasts 1300Pa suction power, which along with ultra-quiet operation makes this vacuum a highly competent cleaning machine. Sporting a smart design allows the unit to automatically increase suction power in less than 1.5 seconds.

The vacuum operates on 2 AAA batteries, which give a runtime of 100 minutes. Since it is a vacuum robot, it can bump into walls and other objects, but don’t worry, the infrared-sensor will prevent that from happening. Even if it happens, then the anti-scratch tempered glass-top cover on the vacuum will protect the robot against any damage. The inclusion of ‘Drop-Sensing Technology’ prevents the unit from falling.

As the battery of the vacuum robot nears exhaustion, it automatically goes to its charging base. With this unit, you will get a cleaning tool, an extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, charging base, 2 AAA batteries, and an AC power adapter. The company also provides a 1-year warranty against all manufacturing defects.

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BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 2252

Bissell 2252 Upright is a corded and bagless vacuum cleaner, which efficiently cleans all types of floors in the quickest possible time. It comes with a highly potent filtration system, which helps reduce dust and allergens. It also efficiently picks up pet hair. Maneuvering this vacuum cleaner is a breeze, thanks to the swivel steering attached to this unit. The vacuum features a highly advanced triple action brush roll, which gets rid of deep-lying dirt on thick carpet.

The inclusion of a multi-cyclonic system separates dirt and dust from airflow. If you are looking for a vacuum that does edge-to-edge cleaning, even then Bissell 2252 is the right option. The upright vacuum features scatter-free technology to prevent debris from getting scattered all over the place. Even the height of this vacuum is fully adjustable. In the package, you will get the upright vacuum, crevice tool, turbo brush, and extension wand.

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BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum Cordless CHV1410L

Take a look at this handheld vacuum cleaner, which works on Li-ion battery. As a result, you can use the vacuum cleaner in every nook and cranny without any issue. The vacuum also features a swivel nozzle, which allows it to clean hard-to-reach areas such as furniture and confined corners of the house. If you use a massage chair on a daily basis, then make sure to clean it using this vacuum cleaner for thorough cleaning.

The vacuum is also equipped with smart charging technology, which keeps it from overcharging and enhances the battery life as well. The filter of this vacuum remains clean and clear, thanks to the cyclonic action of the unit. The filter can be easily removed by removing the same and washing it under tap water. Just like the filter, the dirt bowl is easily removed and washed.

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Hoover Powerdash Pet Carpet Cleaner With Cleaning Solution

The name of this vacuum cleaner describes what it can do for you. It not only cleans pet mess thoroughly but also cleans the blemishes efficiently spotted on your carpet.  The powerful pet brush roll can clean high-traffic and small areas. This is a lightweight product that can be easily stored anywhere and used with great ease. The antimicrobial protection coating doesn’t let the power spin bush roll to leave any foul smell or odor behind in the room, once it gets cleaned.

If we talk of its inside unit, there is a dual tank installed for keeping the clean and dirty water separately. The tank can be easily filled or emptied due to its lightweight structure. The vacuum cleaner efficiently eliminates dirt and dust from the tank easily, thanks to the included removable nozzle. Low profile foot helps you clean stains from hard-to-reach areas be it under furniture, couch, or Almira. This product can quickly dry the messy area with the help of the ‘Heat force’ power available within.

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Bissell Zing Canister 2156A Vacuum

This is an economical vacuum, which is packed with many several features. If you are looking for the best commercial indoor canister vacuums, then Bissell Zing Canister 2156A Vacuum is the product you should opt for. A lightweight vacuum, it incorporates cyclonic technology, which assures proper and fast cleaning of carpet with good suctioning force. You can easily switch between carpet and hard floor cleaning with the help of a multi-surface floor tool.

Another outstanding feature of this Vacuum is the multi-level filtration incorporated in it, which captures every single dust particle on the carpet. A 15 feet power cable provided with the product is sufficient enough to clean a room having area 100 sq.ft or less. The only downside of this product is the unavailability of locking handles that put the pole and the vacuuming apart.

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ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

With LED light

With this small gadget, both the time and money you spend on car wash can be saved. This vacuum is extraordinary in terms of weight and size. You can clean the dust and dirt from even a small area inside the car. This hand-held device is simple and easy to operate. The vacuum is renowned for its efficiency and overall structure. Though the device is small, yet it features a powerful motor that provides a faster cleaning process.

There are three different nozzles crevices, cracks and floorboards, a 16-foot long power cord and a HEPA filter which ensures car cleaning from those hard to reach places.  You can connect the power cable to the battery point and get the cleaning job done by this vacuum in no time.

The package contains a carrying bag and a special filter cleaning brush. As a whole, this is value for money product which is tailored to cater to the buyer’s expectation. If we talk about its drawbacks, then the suction power is not that good as expected, so if you are going to clean a larger area, then you will have to spend some extra time.

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iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

With Wi-Fi Connectivity

The all-new iRobot Roomba 675 is one of the top-selling robot vacuums, which comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. By installing the free iRobot app on your phone and making use of Wi-Fi connection, you can begin the cleaning process right from your smartphone and schedule cleaning at your convenience. The iRobot app supports Alexa and Google’s assistant for controlling the device through voice.

This Robotic Vacuum can easily remove dust, dirt, and especially pet hairs from different surfaces by making use of a 3 stage cleaning system. The dirt detect technology along with the acoustic sensors enabled in the product helps to detect the dirtier areas inside your home and cleans them effectively. There are available different software and sensors by making use of which, this Roomba 675 ensures cleaning of every section of your floor be it under furniture or drawers.

It doesn’t matter which area you want to clean, this multi-floor vacuum automatically adjusts according to the surface of the floor. Moreover, the brushes installed inside needs less cleaning as compared to its earlier versions. You simply need to push the ‘Clean’ button from the front panel and the process will begin instantly. The only drawback of this product is the stable Wi-Fi connectivity not maintained. The connection keeps on breaking again and again if the internet strength is limited.

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Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

This is a powerful, impressive, and easy to use vacuum cleaner which can clean stairs, upholstery, area rugs, and carpets. There are 3 different modes available in this Vacuum to clean different surfaces. If you want, you can convert it to lightweight, hand, and stair Vacuum as per your requirement.

The company claims that the weight of this product is as light as of feather and this product delivers the best results in terms of cleaning. The main advantages of this product include three machines in one, powerful suction capacity, compact and easy to empty whereas if we talk about its drawbacks, then those include a short power cord and fragile cleaning filter.

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Roborock S5 Super Power Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic Vacuum

Roborock S5 is a highly efficient robotic vacuum, which can meet your requirements in the most suitable way. Sporting a sleek design, you will love how this vacuum cleaner navigates to different directions inside your home using the smart map technology. You can get rid of debris and dust in no time, once you turn on this Robotic Vacuum. The smart sensors installed in this product don’t let it collide with the obstacles that come on its way and it will not fall from corners, in case you are sweeping stairs.

Download the ‘Mi home’ app and start controlling the Roborock S5 through it. You can provide instructions for cleaning to the Vacuum through this app and even schedule it for later cleaning. You will find 6 different modes available in this product: Turbo, Max, Mopping, Carpet, Balance, and Quite. All these modes make the cleaning process simple and convenient. After charging the robot completely, you can use it for 150 minutes in continuation. This product comes with 1 year of warranty against all manufacturing defects.

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator NV360 is a model of a bagless vacuum cleaner that is easy to lift and handle. You can clean hard-to-reach areas with this vacuum cleaner, courtesy of the crevice tool available in the package. The tool also allows you to reach all corners, cracks, and narrow spaces to clean dirt and debris efficiently. You can use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning stairs and furniture as well. This is made possible with the upholstery tool.

The swivel wheel installed in this Vacuum helps to keep the device away from the obstacles and the unwanted elements on the surface will auto-picked by the unit due to the strong suction power of the vacuum. The company has provided the 25 feet cord and the 12-quart dust cup for accumulating dust inside it.

Summing Up

Now that you have all the information regarding the best vacuum consumer reports at your disposal, you must move on with the process and shortlist the product that you feel is best for your requirements. If you have no time to clean your house, then opt for a robot vacuum, otherwise choose from a handheld type, upright or canister type vacuum cleaner.

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