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Best Wooden Arc Hammock Stand – Top 5 Picks & Buying Guide

The word ‘multipurpose’ is quite intriguing because when you are able to find a product that can be used in multiple ways, then it is truly a product worth buying. Take ‘wooden hammock stand’ for example, it is not just a product where you can chill after a long tiring day at work, but it is a product, which adds to the aesthetics of your house. Having a beautiful wooden hammock stand could be a stunning addition to your porch or outside the area, and you can expect different compliments from guests.

A wooden hammock stand works perfectly for homes having a decent amount of free space and is a better choice compared to steel hammock stands. It won’t take much before the wooden hammock stand that you’ve bought becomes a highlight in your house. With so many different wooden hammock stands available on the market, it is going to be a tough task for you to choose that ‘best’ product. The situation becomes similar when it comes to finding the best swing stands.

We have already shortlisted five best wooden arc hammock stands, so the only thing you are supposed to do now is to go through the details of these products, which again, we have mentioned below, and add the selected product to your cart and buy. Looks so much easy, isn’t? So, without any further ado, let us now discuss top five wooden arc hammock stands that are ruling the market.


Vivere Double Polyester Hammock

with Space-Saving Steel Stand

If you look forward to relaxing all day outdoors, then Vivere Double Polyester Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand is a perfect product for you. At home, you have all sorts of comforting things, i.e., your bed, sofa, and chairs, etc., but the joy of relaxing outdoors in the sun is something else.

We really like the space saving steel stand provided by the company, as it feels reliable, and certainly is. Moreover, it can expand up to 9 feet in length and can support up to 450 pounds of body weight.

After testing this product, we found it to be extremely comfortable. We will give credit to 100% cotton fabric that is used in the product, which is highly portable and can be cleaned easily as well. We also found the assembling of this hammock stand to be very easy, despite the fact that it is made of heavy steel.

The entire hammock weighs around 30 pounds, which makes carrying this product from one location to another quite easy. It can support two people easily, as long as the weight doesn’t exceed 450 pounds.

We felt that this product can hold up easily in harsh conditions because of the quality construction of the product. Yet, good maintenance needs to be done in order to ensure the long life of this hammock stand.

The kind of price this product is sold at, we don’t think if it is possible to find any other product at the same price with as many features as this product has got.

  • Quality product at reasonable price
  • Total weight of the product is close to 30 lbs, but its weight carrying capacity is up to 450 lbs
  • Available in three fabrics, which are, polyester, cotton, and sunbrella
  • Setting up this hammock stand is easy
  • You may experience a slight chemical smell upon unboxing the product, but it will go away after some time
  • Hammock catches on the bolts to which steel bars hold in place

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What’s the maximum length to which this hammock stand can be stretched?

Answer: The stand is 9 ½ feet long, and when measured from hook to hook, the length comes out to be 12 feet long. The fabric part of the hammock stand is 7 ½ feet long.

Question: Can this hammock stand be adjusted to comfortably fit one person or will it always cocoon me as it is a double?

Answer: Yes, you can folder over the hammock edges in order to make it comfortable for one person. When it comes to accommodating two persons, no changes need to be made.

Question: Can this hammock stand be taken to camping?

Answer: Yes, the entire hammock can be easily fit inside a small bag, and can be taken along on a camping trip. The fabric used in the hammock is quite thick and holds all the elements perfectly.

Question: Which fabric is better, cotton or sunbrella?

Answer: Cotton version is more comfortable as well as it will last longer.

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Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc Hammock Stand + Quilted Double Padded Hammock Bed

Your hunt for a sturdy wooden arc hammock stands ends at Petra Leisure Wooden Arc Hammock Stand, as this is made up of larch wood, a premium quality wood. The quality of the wood can be determined from the fact that the strong body of this hammock stand can easily handle 450 lbs of weight, so you and your partner can easily enjoy a sunny afternoon by lying under the tree shade.

The body of the stand is stained and can withstand water, thus making it suitable for outdoor use.The arc designs come with four pieces of wood, which can be connected together to get an evenly formed shape. If your aim is to get a double hammock, then this is undoubtedly the best option that is available on the market.

  • Solid teak wood construction
  • Stained and water treated stand
  • Easily accommodate two people
  • Problems in aligning pre-drilled boltholes
  • Some users complained that the hammock is tipsy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How does the wood hold up in harsh weather conditions?

Answer: The hammock stand holds up pretty well in heat and rain.

Question: What’s the material of chains used in the hammock?

Answer: Heavy gauge stainless steel.

Question: Does it come with a cover?

Answer: No, but you can cover it with a tarp.

Question: Does this hammock has any swing to it?

Answer: Yes, it does, but less compared to others.

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Lazy Daze created Sunbrella Fabric Hammock, pillow and 12 Feet Wood Arc Stand

Where do you spend your lazy days? We don’t think if there could be a better place than a hammock. This is the reason that Lazy Daze created Sunbrella Fabric Hammock, pillow and 12 Feet Wood Arc Stand, Backyard Combo Set. You can easily turn your home garden into an oasis of relaxation where you can revamp your mind and body.

Sunbrella is topping the list for last 50 years when it comes to manufacturing high-performance fabrics. Getting this product means getting a high-quality product with unmatched designing, which will complement our style in a perfect manner. There is certainly a ‘wow-factor’ in this product, which you can only be able to find out once you start relaxing this hammock stand.

The wooden frame of this freestanding hammock is made of Russian pine and given the varnish coating, which protects the stand from harsh weather and other wear and tear. The weight of this hammock is 60 pounds, which makes it even heavier than many steel frames.

When it comes to materials, you will get to choose from two options which are; Sunbrella and 100% cotton. The former one is more expensive than the latter one, which is simply due to the fact that it is mildew-resistant/water-resistant and a lot more durable than the cotton option. Moreover, you will get a detachable hammock pillow along with sunbrella option, which adds to your comfort.

The overall length of the hammock is 141 inches, whereas the bed dimension of the hammock is 78 inches by 55 inches. The hammock can easily support weight up to 450 pounds. When it comes to the overall product dimension, then it is 165 x 55 x 50, thus making this hammock stand bigger and better than most wooden arc hammock stands.

  • Assembling this wooden arc hammock stand is easy
  • Two people can easily fit into the hammock
  • The company gives all the necessary tools and hardware
  • There are different types of hammocks given along with this hammock stand
  • The product is capable of withstanding all kinds of weather conditions
  • This product is flawless because it has got all the features that people would require in a hammock stand

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the exact dimension of this hammock stand?

Answer: The exact dimension is a bit more than 12 feet, i.e., 12.2 feet.

Question: Will the hammock envelope around me or lie flat after I lie on it?

Answer: The hammock will envelop around you.

Question: What is the warranty given by the company on this product?

Answer: The company gives a 60-day warranty on this hammock stand.

Question: Is it safe to leave this hammock in the rain?

Answer: Yes, you can leave this hammock in the rain. There won’t be any damage to the fabric of the hammock.

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Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

If you want to buy a wooden arc hammock stand that is more efficient and beautiful than any other hammock stand, then you need to check out Petra Leisure 14 Ft. Wooden Arc Hammock Stand.

The stand is made from European latch wood, which is given weather and staining treatment, thus making this stand last for a long period of time. This hammock stand weighs around 95 lbs and can support up to 450 lbs. We really liked the natural finishing of the product, which will easily suit any house setting.

The dimensions of this hammock stand are 168x48x47, which is longer than a normal hammock bed. You will get a quilted hammock bed that consists of a double padding, which ensures great comfort for your body. This hammock stand is pretty spacious to fit two people easily. The dimensions of the quilted bed are 6.5 feet by 4.75 feet.

This wooden stand comes with a natural finish, so the company hasn’t given any color option. Whereas the bed comes in a dozen colors, so you can select the hammock bed of your favorite color.

  • Quite easy to assemble
  • Can accommodate two people easily
  • Comes with all the tools and hardware you need in the first place
  • Hammock stand can be used with different types of hammocks
  • Hammock stand is given weather and staining treatment that prolongs the life of the stand
  • Hammock stand adds to the aesthetic appeal of the house
  • Cotton hammock is not that durable because the quality of the fabric is not that great
  • It is not that easy to move around a hammock stand, which weighs 95 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is the width of the bottom supports?

Answer: 48 inches.

Question: How far can the legs be moved apart from each other?

Answer: About 6 feet.

Question: What is the optimum hanging height of this wooden arch hammock stand?

Answer: A height of 4 feet will be good enough to hang this stand.

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OnCloud 15 ft Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

Enjoy a comfortable outdoor experience on this sturdy hammock stand. Both ends of the hammock stand feature six holes each, with each hole placed four inches apart from one another. The hammock stand designs with five pieces of wood, which connect together to form one dependable unit. You can connect those pieces together in less than 10 minutes, and once you’re done, it’s time to have fun!

This unit is built to last, thanks to its powder-coated steel body. Not everything in the stand is made up of steel, as there are plastic caps on the ends, but those are there to protect the hammock from harsh weather conditions.

This hammock stand supports weight up to 440 lbs, so if you and your partner are skinny, then you both can easily fit inside the hammock and spend some quality time together. The frame of the unit weighs 94 lbs, which gives a sense of relief, as the unit won’t break easily.

  • A dependable hammock stand with a frame that weighs 94 lbs
  • Top quality of the material is used to make the hammock stand
  • Easy setup, as you just need to connect five pieces together
  • No drawback as such

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Which type of wood is used for manufacturing this hammock stand?

Answer: 100% Russian Pine Hardwood is used.

Question: Is the chain made of stainless steel?

Answer: Yes, it is made of heavy gauge stainless steel.

Question: Is it water resistant?

Answer: Yes, the hammock stand is water and decay resistant.

Wrap Up

Having a wooden arc hammock stand will make way for fun and entertainment in the house itself. Moreover, this hammock stand is all about elegance, so whoever coming to your house will get attracted to this hammock stand. We have discussed the best five wooden arc hammock stands, all of which belong to a different price range.

There is a lot of difference in terms of construction and features as well, so it is up to you to decide as to which wooden arc hammock stand you want to go with. All five products have the ability to make it to your house, but if you are confused about which one to buy, then you can again go through the best wooden arc hammock stand, as you will get the answer to all your questions there only.

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