Consumer Reports Best Mattress For Back Pain – Reviews Of 5 Top-Rated

Consumer Reports Best Mattress For Back Pain

When it comes to sound sleep, it all depends upon how good your mattress is because if the mattress is not supporting your body, as you would have liked it, then you won’t be able to enjoy a sound sleep. Things become even worse for those suffering from back pain because they need a perfect surface to doze off or else, they keep changing sides all night. While there are massage chairs available for alleviating back pain and you can buy the best massage chair easily, but something equally good is required to sleep on as well. So, we present to you, the consumer reports best mattress for back pain in which five products have been thoroughly reviewed to help you make the right decision quickly.

5 Best Mattresses For Back Pain - Reviews
1. Tuft and Needle Twin Mattress

This mattress is available in different sizes, so you can buy the one that fits well on your bed. It is made up of adaptive foam that supports the body, particularly the spine. Moreover, it will keep your bedding cool throughout the night. It comes in a compact box for easy shipping and installation at home. The high-grade foam help in relieving back pain and provides proper pressure in certain parts of the body, which in turn brings a huge relief from pain. The company offers a 10-year warranty on the mattress, which tells a lot about its durability.

  • Keep your body cool throughout the night.
  • It doesn’t sink in when you lay down.
  • A perfect blend of support and comfort
  • You may smell a foul odor after unpacking the mattress, which remains for around 72 hours.
  • Needs 3 days to fully expand before you could start using it.
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2. Modway Aveline 10” Gel-Based Memory Foam Twin Mattress

modway aveline
It is available in Twin, King and Queen size. Many back pain specialists rate this mattress as one of the most effective mattresses for lower back pain. The specialists find no chemicals and formaldehyde in this mattress, which are harmful to human skin.

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty, which is a great feature because such a long warranty time emanates confidence that the company has on the product. The gel-infused memory foam will keep your spine straight and your body cools throughout the night along with warding off the excessive heat. There is 7” polyurethane base with 3” gel-infused foam on the top.

  • Designed for a completely comfortable sleep.
  • It helps in aligning back and reduces pain.
  • Excellent support for all types of sleepers.
  • If you prefer extreme hardness, then it is not recommended for you.
  • Slight odor at the time of unpacking.
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3. Linenspa 8-Inch Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This is the type of mattress, which is within your budget and has high durability. This 8-inch mattress is available in five different sizes, which are twin, twin XL, queen, king and full. The mattress has steel coils implanted within it for better strength and support. Combine it with the best back and neck massager and you will bid adieu to your back or neck pain, whichever you were dealing with.

The unique feature of this mattress is its fire-resistant capability, so you can sleep close to the fireplace without worrying about the heat burning off the mattress. The mattress is not just suitable for you, but your kids as well. Or, you can keep it in the guest room of your house as well. You can use it in your child’s room as well. The mattress is available in an 8-inch profile, 10-inch profile and 12-inch plush profile, so choose the profile you are most comfortable with.

  • The mattress combines innerspring and memory foam together for enhanced strength and durability.
  • Extra comfort through the supportive pad.
  • The small size of the mattress makes it a good choice to be used in the children’s room.
  • 10 years warranty is a big plus.
  • The presence of small brown flecks during packaging may be hard to get rid of from the mattress.
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4. Zinus Support Plus Mattress

You will get Zinus Support Plus Mattress in four sizes. These are Twin, Queen, King and full. This mattress is made up of a thick layer of wrapped coils that promise no motion transfer. The thickness of this layer is 7.5 inches, and on top of it, a 1.5-inch thick comfort foam layer is placed along with a 1-inch high-density foam support layer.

The combination of three different layers assures extra support to the back and lumbar region, which in turn results in comfortable sleep all night. The foam used in the mattress is one of the premium quality foams, which has received certification from CertiPUR-US for durability. Then, there is an amazing warranty that you will get on this mattress, i.e., 10 years of worry-free warranty. You can’t get a better deal than this, so just go for this mattress.

  • Designed to deliver enhanced support.
  • Works well with back as well as side sleepers.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • It is not preferable for those who want a cozier mattress surface.
  • It can take up to 48 hours to return to its original shape after unboxing it.
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5. Zinus Memory Foam 5-Inch Green Tea Cot Size Mattress

In this compact mattress, you will find green tea extract inside the foam. This mattress is perfect for a bunk bed, twin bed and for RV. It is available in two sizes, twin and narrow twin, whereas you can choose from three color options such as pink, blue and khaki. It is designed in such a manner that your body will feel instant comfort, which augments further as you spend time on the mattress.

You can expect a decent amount of comfort in your entire body, especially the back region, thanks to 1-inch pressure relieving comfort foam, 1-inch memory foam and 3-inch high-density base support foam. The company has used only CertiPUR-US certified foam in the mattress, which ensures durability and longevity. Instead of using regular memory foam, the company has used the latest technology foam named ‘Bio-Foam’, which comprises of natural seed oil instead of petroleum to ensure the freshness of the mattress.

  • The use of Bio-Foam instead of Petroleum helps keep the mattress fresh for a long period.
  • There is a knitted cover, which is soft and durable.
  • Small size for different uses.
  • The mattress takes around 48 hours to return to its original shape.
  • The firmness level is a bit hard so not preferable for those who live softer mattresses.
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Things To Consider When Buying Mattress For Back Pain

It is important to select the mattress that provides proper support and is ergonomic by nature so as to reduce the back pain and deliver a sound sleep. The most important things to consider while buying a new back Pain mattress are:


The mattress should be the one that can provide complete support to the body. If the material of the mattress is too hard or soft, then you will not able to sleep comfortably. A mattress with sags can encourage back pain. Sagging is a word used to define the area that is compressed or lowered on the mattress.


Comfortability implies the ability of the mattress to compress or change the shape slightly according to the sleeping style or posture so that you don’t find hard surface below your body. If you are not being able to sleep in a natural position due to the mattress firmness, then this can induce back pain. The uneven push on hips and shoulders may result in aggravating back pain. The Spine must be properly aligned so that it can relieve pressure on the lower back.


Firmness is a name defines the hardness or softness of the mattress. Earlier, people used to spend money on the hard mattress as they believe that it will offer support to the back and help to reduce the back pain, but in reality, the condition is not like that. You can go for the medium-firm mattress that has the quality of both comfort and support.


Apart from having a good material of Mattress, your sleeping posture and position also play a vital role to have a sound sleep. You need to first identify the position that you prefer the most while sleeping, after that select the type of material as per your suitability.

Memory foam: It has been seen that the people who have complained of back pain got great relief from it after starting using the memory foam based mattress. Yes, the important thing to mention is to go for 5 PCF memory foam as it is most efficient for providing support to the spine.

Latex: This is another common mattress material used these days. This material is also known for its ability to curtail chronic back pain problems. Now, you might be wondering to know how this material is different from memory foam. Well, the answer is so simple. Its higher responsiveness and ability to cool-down faster than the memory foam one. At the same time, the contouring is improper in Latex. Latex material is preferred for those suffering serious back pain.

Bottom Line

Picking the right mattress is important because it decides how comfortably you sleep every night. It becomes even more important if you are dealing with back pain because if the mattress is not supportive of your back, then you may end up in immense pain in the morning. To avoid such a situation, you need to invest in the best mattress, details of which you must have read in the consumer reports best mattress for back pain. Identify the mattress that you think would suit you the best and make a purchase.

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