Dash Cam Reviews Consumer Reports – 10 Best Dashboard Cameras To Buy

dash cam reviews consumer reports

Let’s admit, roads are not safe. While most people drive safely, but it only takes one idiot to mess it up for everybody on the road. We hope you never come across such idiots on the road, but in case you do, make sure you have enough proof to show to the police that it wasn’t your mistake. Your statement won’t be good enough, so you need concrete proof, which you can only get if you have installed a dash cam in your vehicle.

Dash cams can be installed on the front mirror or clipped on the rearview camera where they record everything that’s ahead or behind you. If you were planning to buy a dash cam, then your search ends here, as we have accumulated a list of the 10 best dash cams. Not just the list, but you can check out dash cam reviews consumer reports to make a final decision as to which dash cam you should buy.

Reviewing 10 Best Dash Cams
1. APEMAN Dash Cam 1080P FHD DVR Car Driving Recorder

This dashboard camera from APEMAN features excellent night vision, ultra-wide lens, mountable LCD screen, and 24-hour parking monitor to capture crystal-clear videos. Setting up this camera behind the rearview mirror is quick and easy. The dash cam features HDR and WDR technology, which ensures a clear picture in dim lighting along with enhancing the nighttime clarity.

Equipped with parking mode, this dash cam will begin surveillance of your car’s surroundings as you turn off the engine. This is a full-HD dash cam, which creates a real-time depiction of the condition of the path ahead. Another notable feature of this camera is the automatic capturing and storage of the evidence in the case of collisions.

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2. TOGUARD Backup Camera for Cars 7" Mirror Dash Cam

Check out this dash cam from TOGUARD, which can be used as a rear-view mirror and backup camera as well. This camera comes with two cameras, at the front and rear. The front camera records videos in 1080p, where the rear records at 480p. Featuring a touchscreen display, you won’t find any sort of difficulty using this camera.

Talking about the features incorporated in this dash cam, then it includes an anti-glare screen surface, parking monitor, G-Sensor, and on-screen parking guides. The dash cam clips on the rear-view mirror installed in your car, so there is no need to remove it. The downside to this dash cam is the inclusion of 32 GB of memory, so you will have to move the recorded footage to a hard drive or delete it.

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3. Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam Built-In WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder

Rove has developed a highly advanced dash cam, which records footage in full-HD resolution. Not just that, but the dash cam comes with night-vision capability, thanks to its revolutionary lens design. The dash cam maintains a wide viewing angle in front of your car and enables the parking mode feature as you shut off the engine to begin surveillance of the surroundings. The camera features a voice alert to notify you about the surveillance and recordings as you resume your journey.

Featuring time-lapse video, this camera efficiently allows you to capture footage in slow motion for much better clarity. In case of a collision, the dash cam automatically captures it and locks the video, thanks to G-Sensor technology. The sensitivity of this model is much higher than most models. The dash cam comes with built-in Wi-Fi to meet your connectivity needs. Its sensitivity is higher than most models and offers you the best analysis of an accident. The dash cam has inbuilt Wi-Fi for your connectivity needs.

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4. Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam

An exceptionally designed camera that can record 4K videos of untoward accidents with your vehicle on the road. This camera is properly concealed from its outer, thus makes it impossible for others to detect a dashcam installed in your vehicle. You can keep the recordings of crash-safe that can serve as evidence in the future. There is a loop-recording feature available that can overwrite old recordings if there is any memory issue with 5 minutes or 31 ½ time block for recording short videos instead of recording continuously.

The device can support up to 128 GB of SD card, yes you have to purchase separately as this is not available in the package. Apart from this, some exciting features you will find in this camera include G-sensor, six-layer lenses, 170-degree viewing ability, and HD recording. The only drawback of this camera is that it doesn’t record videos clearly when moving at high speed. This is due to the video recording at 30fps.

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5. Crosstour 1080P Car Camera Front and Rear Dash Cam CR900

Fitted with a Sony sensor and Novatek chip, this dash cam will undoubtedly surprise you at night and daylight conditions. In the contrast tests done so far, this dash cam recorded clearer videos than any other dashcam falls under the same category. If we talk about its hardware, then it employs 6 Glass lens, a Motion Sensor, and Supercapacitor. You can record videos at 1080p both with the front and rear cameras of this dashcam.

This Dashcam is capable to record 170 degrees wide thus making it possible to reduce dead spots up to a great extent, thus ensuring all-round protection of your car. There’s G-sensor installed in it, which automatically detects the collision and locks the video to protect it from being deleted. The Sony sensors within this camera ensured proper image processing and efficiency. Coming to its drawbacks, it sometimes doesn’t work in parking mode, and build quality is somewhat compromised.

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6. APEMAN Mini Dash Cam C420

APEMAN is one of the most reputed brands in the field of premium dash cams and the brand you can rely on. The company has now come up with a C420 advanced and updated model of Dashcam to offer driving comfort and peace of mind to the customers. This camera features a high-end processor with 1080p recording at 30fps. The advanced sensor with a larger aperture ensures high-quality video recording even at night.

The cam will start recording the video automatically once the motion gets detected. It features seamless loop recording which means the video will keep on the recording by replacing the old videos with the newest one. This is an easy-to-use dash cam, which can be used even by the age group of 18-70.  The installation is quite simple. Just open it, install it, and start recording the videos. Coming to its cons, the video playback option is finicky and the build quality is at par.

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7. Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam

This dash cam is among the leading competitors for the best dual dash cam since it enables you to record videos of all activities going on the road over the windshield. You can place the cam both in front or rear of the car windshield depending on the place from where you need maximum surveillance. There are several marvelous features added to it. Some of them are 2.5K quality, 170 degrees, and 140 degrees wide video coverage.

If placing the cam on an uneven surface, keep the cables in mind, as any slight cut on it may stop the recording on the device. The dash has Sony sensors for better night vision and four IR LED lights for clear recording. Plus, the G-sensor and parking mode augment the security of your vehicle when parked in the parking space. There is a ‘Time-lapse’ feature added after considering Vloggers and filmmakers, who utilize this camera for video purposes.

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8. VAVA Dual Dashcam VA-VD002

The only camera in the market that allows you to record the video 155 degrees at the front and 126 degrees at rear simultaneously at dual 1920x1080p. If you want to use only a single front camera, then the video can be recorded at 2560x1440p@30fps. The sensor installed by Sony, one of the leading industries in cameras makes it possible to record the videos even in low light areas. You will get a crystal clear image even if the intensity of light is poor. There’s the ‘VAVA dash’ app available for all smartphones, by downloading which you can connect your dashcam to the smartphone and record footages directly in it.

Another surprising thing about this camera is its 320mAH battery that can stay on even if the ignition has turned off, thus enables the camera to record videos and function as surveillance if any bump or movement is detected in the parked vehicle. The camera auto enters into Rec mode once turned on, therefore any unexpected driving accidents will be saved, which you can then produce in front of the court for legal rights or insurance compensation. The only drawback of this camera is the storage card is not included in the packing, you have to purchase it separately.

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9. VIOFO 2K Dash Cam A119V3

VIOFO is considered the best cost-effective dash cam. This popular dash cam can record good quality videos at 1600p and 1440p at 30fps under different lighting environments. The Sony STARVIS sensor produces clear, bright, and detailed images during the day and night time. The state-of-art motion technology, G-sensor is built-in in the VIOFO dash cam that automatically switches on the recording even when the car is parked in the parking and parking mode is enabled.

You can get footage of 15 seconds before and 30-seconds after the collision with the intelligent recording technology. This camera is easy to install on the windshield. You can paste it behind the rearview mirror using the 3M sticker record videos from all angles, courtesy to the rotatable lens. Coming to its drawbacks, it sometimes doesn’t go into parking mode on its own.

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10. VantrueX4 UHD 4K Dash Cam

Featuring Sony 317 sensors and an A12 chipset, this dash cam is capable to record videos at UHD3840x2160p and 2560x1440p at 60fps during night and daytime. The wider recording angle captures 4 lanes of traffic at a time and eliminates dead spots. Moreover, there is a built-in capacitor that helps to withstand the cam in the harsh climate and ensures longevity and reliability of a camera. The F1.8 6-glass lens can capture clear images of license plates and road signs even during dark light conditions.

Other notable features include WDR and 24 hours parking mode. The cam auto turns on once it senses any movement. The camera will start recording the video if someone come closer to your car from the front. To set up the parking mode, you need to connect the hardwire kit to the external battery. In the box, you will get 1 main cam, 1x car charger, Dash cam user manual, Mini-USB cable, and quick start guide.

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Final Verdict

There is no doubt that a dash cam is an important accessory for your vehicle because it will help you prove your innocence in case of an accident and expedite the process of claiming insurance. But, make sure to get the best dash cam, which offers HD recording along with capturing the front and rear of the vehicle. Such dash cams have been covered in the 10 best dash cam reviews consumer reports, so if you have gone through the reviews, then you should proceed to place an order.

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