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How To Prepare The Most Popular Thai Recipe ‘Pad Thai’

Thai food is one of the most sought after foods in the world. Thai food is a mixture of Chinese and Indian food, but one can also find the influence of western cuisine. The amalgamation of the flavors of different cultures has been done in such a great way that it has resulted in a mouth-watering Thai delight. Though every Thai dish has plenty of flavors, there is one dish in particular, which we are going to discuss in this post.

The name of the dish is ‘Pad Thai’, which is a fried noodle recipe that is prepared with prawns and shrimps. But, it is just not prawns and shrimps that you can put, but a host of other stuff as well, like chicken, tofu, pork or even beef.

There is no specific way to make this recipe, as you can make a dry and moist version of the same, depending upon your taste. This is one of those dishes, which can be modified according to the tastes and the requirements of the people. So, let’s delve into the details of how to make Pad Thai without any further delay

The ingredients that are used in the dish are easily available in the market, so if you want to prepare this easy-to-make dish, then you don’t have to go from one market to another in searching of ingredients. Like other Thai dishes, the flavors in ‘Pad Thai’ are a bit complex, as you are going to feel sweet, sour and salty flavor, but overall, this dish is worth eating.

Ingredients used to make ‘Pad Thai’:

  1. Two tablespoons of vegetable oil.
  2. Two medium sized eggs.
  3. Two teaspoons of fish sauce.
  4. A quarter of a Kg of prawns and shrimps
  5. One tablespoon of chilies (preferably crushed).
  6. Half lemon.
  7. Two spring onions.
  8. 100-130 grams of dry rice noodles.
  9. One cup of bean sprouts.
  10. Four tablespoons of ‘Pad Thai’ sauce.
  11. One tablespoon of peanuts (crushed).
  12. A half cup of Chinese chives.

How to prepare Pad Thai?

  1. Put the noodles in a bowl that is filled with warm water and cover it for about ten minutes.
  2. Now, take the shrimps or the prawns and cut them along the back in order to remove any undesirable particles. Wash them properly under the cold water.
  3. Cut Chinese green chives and spring onions. If you like carrots as well, then take a carrot and grate it or slice it. Finally, you have to wash the bean sprouts and cut the lemon.
  4. Drain the excess water from the noodles and pour them into a sieve. Now, take a wok and put some vegetable oil in it. Put the shrimps or prawns along with two eggs. Stir all the ingredients, and then, add the noodles. After adding it, you have to stir quicker and more frequently.
  5. It’s time to add Pad Thai sauce, so add four tablespoons of it evenly into the wok. Cook the dish on the high flame for 2-3 minutes. The more you cook, the drier it will get.
  6. The chopped Chinese chives, carrot and bean sprouts that you have cut along with the spring onions, you have to put all of them into the wok and stir well.
  7. Now, add two teaspoons of fish sauce and continue the cooking.
  8. Once you see the noodles tangled and soft, then you have to turn off the heat. Now, you can use those Chinese chives, spring onions and bean sprouts for decoration. You can also sprinkle some crushed chilies and peanuts if you want. The dish is ready to be enjoyed!

You can also buy Pad Thai Meal Kit online if you want just to get familiar with the flavors that the recipe has to offer. If you like the recipe, then you can make it on your own. You can add ingredients of your choice as well just to give a personal touch to the recipe, but make sure to check whether those ingredients blend with the current set of ingredients or not.

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