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Reviewing Five Best Above Ground Pools According To Consumer Reports

One of the most ways to beat the heat is spending time in the ‘water’. It usually remains hot in the majority of the states in the US from May to September, which is why people can be seen spending time at beaches or public swimming pools, dodging the sun and having fun with families and friends.

However, it is not possible for everybody to hit the beach every single day of the season or turn to public pools because of different reasons. The best alternative to having fun in the water without going out of the house is having an above-ground swimming pool.

Now, as a wide range of above-ground pools available on the market, do you think buying the best one is easy? The simple answer is ‘No’, it is definitely not easy, however, if you get the assistance of an expert, then maybe you can find the best above ground pool easily.

We have analyzed all the top brands that manufacture above-ground pools and compiled a list of five best above-ground swimming pools that are currently being sold like hot cakes in the market.

What you have to do now is, you need to go through the reviews of the best above ground pools consumer reports and select the product that fits your requirements perfectly.

Best Above Ground Pools: Reviewing Top 5 Products


Intex Swimming Pool 8ft x 30 inches

If you know nothing about above ground swimming pools, then it is always a wise thing to go with the industry’s best, which in this case is Intex. The swimming pool that we are discussing is 8 feet long and 30 inches wide, which makes it an ideal choice for small families.

Intex despite being a top brand is very affordable, which you can see from this above-ground swimming pool. It won’t burn a hole in your pocket. This pool is easy to assemble and disassemble, plus you can easily move it from one location to another.

Coming to the construction on the swimming pool, then you will see heavy-duty vinyl sidewalls, which makes the pool durable and long lasting. The pool doesn’t come along with accessories, which may leave you disappointed, but then, the price of the pool is also kept low.

  • Quality materials used in the construction of the pool
  • The swimming pool can accommodate 3-4 people
  • Sidewalls are made of heavy-duty vinyl
  • No accessories accompanying the pool
  • After 2-3 sessions, water needs to be pumped out of the water
  • Leakage related issues have also be reported
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iPool D Set With Deluxe Filter Pump and Heater Combination

If you have had a bad experience with above-ground swimming pools, then this iPool D Set will definitely change your opinion because it’s frame is constructed using zinc coated galvanized steel along with five layers of vinyl coated polyester. This is the same material, which is used in river rafts.

Despite being a small sized pool, it features a powerful pump that has a rating of 2500 GPH. Moreover, the pool accompanies a 5.5 KW heater that keeps the water hot, allowing you to swim in winters as well.

This pool can also be used for a workout, as it incorporates a dual tether system, which helps you do resistance swimming. To increase or decrease the resistance, you just need to rotate the knob.

Besides a solid construction and amazing features, the customer service of this pool is also a highlighting feature because if you are not satisfied with the pool or experiencing any issue, then you can get it repaired or replaced.

  • Solid steel construction
  • Can be used for resistance swimming
  • Excellent customer service
  • A pricey above-ground swimming pool
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Intex 14ft X 42in Ultra Frame Pool Set

This is a medium-sized pool, which is ideal for a family of 4-6 people. The dimensions of this pool read 14ft x 42in, so if you are a party person, then this above-ground swimming pool can help you organize the best in-house pool parties.

This swimming pool features all the accessories that may come into your use such as a removable ladder, filtration pump, debris cover, and ground cloth. The pool boasts a rust-resistant steel frame along with four sturdy legs placed at wider angles, which makes the pool more stable, especially on softer surfaces.

The unique feature of this pool is that it can be used as a saltwater sanitation system, which you won’t find in other above ground pools. Overall, a perfect pool for half a dozen people who want to have fun in the water.

  • A large pool that easily accommodates 4-6 people
  • Rust free steel construction
  • Use as a saltwater sanitation system
  • The pool can’t be set on inclined surfaces
  • The price is a bit high compared to other models with similar dimensions
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Splash Pools Round Deluxe Pool 18-Feet by 52-Inch

When you take a look at this swimming pool, you will be impressed by the beautiful look and strongly built of it. The construction of this pool involves the use of steel beams along with vinyl pool liner.

Even the edges of this pool feature heavy-duty steel, which clearly indicates that this unit is made to last. This particular model is available in different sizes, but the one we are discussing is 18ft long and 52 inches wide, which makes it ideal for a family of 4-6 people.

If you want to lap swim, even then you can consider this swimming pool. The installation of this pool doesn’t require any expert assistance because there is an instruction manual that you can go through to install the pool in the right way.

As far as accessories accompanying the pool are concerned, then you’ll get a skimmer, ladder and pump motor. Talking about the looks of the pool, then you’ll see a dashing blue vinyl interior along with a tan exterior, which gives a spectacular look to the pool.

  • A spacious pool that can accommodate 6 adults
  • The most durable above-ground pool in its range
  • Easy setup and installation
  • You need to find a really flat surface to install this pool
  • Steel beams are not rust proof
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Intex 24ft X 12ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Intex has really shown its prowess in the above-ground swimming pool industry, which is why we are compelled to add a third product from Intex. With dimensions like 24ft x 12ft x 52in, this swimming pool has fun written all over it. The water carrying capacity of this pool is 8,400 gallons, which is ideal for playing a few water sports including volleyball.

All that fun can’t happen on a flimsy above-ground swimming pool, which is why you will see this pool being reinforced with steel frames that are coated with a special powder to protect them against rust. You will get a saltwater system, ladder, 1600 GPH pump, ground cloth, debris cover, and setup DVD along with the pool.

  • A spacious pool in which you can play a number of water sports such as volleyball
  • Use of quality materials to construct the pool
  • A wide range of accessories accompanying the pool
  • Complicated setup
  • High Price
  • Needs a good space to properly install
  • If using the pool regularly, then replace the cartridge pump with a sand filter system

How To Choose The best Above-Ground Swimming Pool

If your aim is to buy the best above-ground swimming pool, then you ought to consider the following factors.


Only a rugged and reliable material will last for a long time, so make sure the above-ground swimming pool you are looking to buy is made of quality material. Materials like stainless steel for frames and PVC or vinyl for pool liners are highly recommended.


Above-ground pools are made of different materials, so you need to check as to which materials have been used in the pool that you’ve chosen. If it is rust-resistant steel for frames and vinyl or PVC pool liner, then that’s great.

If you are inclined towards inflatable pools, then those are generally a blend of soft of PVC vinyl walls along with an inflatable ring, which will be responsible for lifting the pool walls as you start pouring the water into the pool.

Pool Shape

As above ground pools come in different shapes, you need to zero in on the shape that you think would blend perfectly with the aesthetics of your house. While rectangular above ground pools are the most common choice among users, but if you like circular or squared pools, then go ahead, buy one now.


An above ground pool is going to take some space, so make sure you have it in front of your house, backyard or on the roof. Moreover, the surface you are installing the pool needs to be flat and hard because only then, the pool will stay stable for a long time.


The size of the pool depends on the size of your family or the number of people you want inside the pool. If you are a generous guy/girl who invites friends every there and now, then you should get a big above ground pool, otherwise a small-sized pool will do the job nicely.


Many above ground pools feature a wide range of accessories such as filter system, pump, heater, ladder, pool cover, ground cloth and many more. Check if the pool that you have shortlisted has any or all of these accessories or not. If it has, then that’s a big plus. How To Maintain An Above-Ground Swimming Pool

An above-ground swimming pool can be maintained in the same way as any other household commodity. Every above ground pool comprises a circulation system, which includes a filter, pool pump, drains, skimmers and returns.

The role of the circulation system is to ensure a constant flow of water inside the swimming pool and to evenly disperse chemicals into the pool. Water flows through skimmers where leaves are removed and then, the water goes into the filter where all the small contaminants are eliminated from the water.

The most common filter system used in pools is chlorine either in the form of liquid or tablets. However, it is recommended to use stabilized chlorine because of its longevity and ability to protect users from UV rays coming from the sun.

Once filtered, the water goes into the pump where it gets fully cleaned. Some pumps heat up the water as well, but then, those could add up to the entire cost of the swimming pool.

Wrapping Up

If it is getting hotter with every passing day, then you should definitely get an above-ground swimming pool because that’s the best way to beat the heat and have fun with your family and friends. Go through the five best above ground pools consumer reports in which we have evaluated five top above ground pools to help you make the right decision quickly. Stocks are limited so make a purchase now!

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